A job well done!

YellowMudShark and Sofa, Webmaster and General Publisher of TheBigNote.com, drinking a well deserved Belgian beer after the titanical tasks of masonry/painting/pipelines on TBN’s site. Congrats gentlemen! (picture shoot by Sharleena, before she spoiled it all with her first entry)

9 Responses to “A job well done!”

  1. Dr Sharleena says:

    Gee, I like those pants!
    (now, how should i make that thumbnail..? :-)

  2. DebK says:

    Cheers! I wish I was there, wherever that is (hehe)

  3. Barry says:

    L M A O ! :D

  4. Dr Sharleena says:

    …but Deb: you actually was there..! is it posible you don’t remember ANYTHING? oh, my…(some excesses may have occurred during this reunion :-)

  5. DebK says:

    Oh yeah, it’s all coming back to me now…..You know, you really shouldn’t mix too many different trendy chemical amusement aids at the same time (all perfectly legal ones, of course!).Oooch, my head!

  6. SOFA says:

    This might have caused a problem; we will have to see. I was in the middle of a large drink of beer when this image popped up on my screen and I’ve just spewed beer all over the place! I hope the keyboard aint fried!
    Very CUTE, Colonel…
    I don’t know about you, YM, but I haven’t been that thin in a looooong time.
    Could I get, like, a couple dozen wallet size?

  7. SOFA says:

    I must also add a sincere thank you to Sharleena for putting that nasty rumor, that YM and I are the same person, to rest at last…
    We’ve finally been photographed together!

  8. YellowMud says:

    Here here!
    I also hope that that other nasty rumour about us both being a couple of fossiles who got stuck in the early seventies qua dress code, has now been dealt with.
    Btw: one of your funniest creations to date Sharleena! :o)

  9. Dr Sharleena says:

    Don’t mention it! Now Barry, these people at TBN made me envy: i like those DebKa’s detachable eyelashes and the cute short Courreges dress; not that i don’t like your helmet, uh, but i’m tired of these eighties turquoise leotards…Couldn’t we just hire TBN’s uniforms designer? It would improve highly the image of your corporation :-)

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