DNA music

DNA codes may be protected as ‘music’: “The plan is to convert a DNA sequence – the order of the four chemicals that form the genetic code of a plant or animal – into a piece of digitally encoded music that can then be copyrighted like any other tune.”
Let’s turn this around for a moment and consider what a DNA-string would look like had it been constructed from such tunes as, oh say Hungry Freaks, Daddy, or G-Spot Tornado, or The Black Page!…

As per the good

As per the good Dr’s request here are Mike Keneally’s 1988 tour diraries. Be warned, it will take about a month to read the whole thing. It does drag on a bit and you will learn way too much about Mikes diet, but this is the most detailed and informative behind the scenes account of life on the road with Frank you will ever see. For a shorter but equally interesting read check out Mike’s self penned bio where he tells (among other things) the story of how he got the job playing with Frank. For those of you out there still unfamiliar with Mike Keneally and Beer For Dolphins……. FOR SHAME!!! Get some of his CD’s, truly fantastic music, not to be missed!

More on names and

More on names and lists: this MSNBC article recommends searching for yourself online to see what the net knows about you. “Two week ago, MSNBC.com shared the story of Donna, who looked up her name in the Google search engine and found her own credit card number posted online. Inspired by that piece, readers have been searching for information about themselves online with alarming success.”
I did a search and find out my name will be placed on the STARDUST spacecraft, which will visit Comet Wild 2 in 2004 (!!!). It seems my credit card numba won’t appear there -I hope so…