DNA music

DNA codes may be protected as ‘music’: “The plan is to convert a DNA sequence – the order of the four chemicals that form the genetic code of a plant or animal – into a piece of digitally encoded music that can then be copyrighted like any other tune.”
Let’s turn this around for a moment and consider what a DNA-string would look like had it been constructed from such tunes as, oh say Hungry Freaks, Daddy, or G-Spot Tornado, or The Black Page!…

3 thoughts on “DNA music”

  1. There’s an old joke about a guy that buys an ill-fitting suit. The clerk assures him that the suit fits well if he “just stands this way”. Finally the guy, fully contorted, is hobbling down the street. First old lady: “Oh, look at that poor man!” Second old lady: “Yeah… Nice suit, though.”
    The “people” preposed by your tunes would probably be horrifically deformed – but would look good…
    And I’ve always been under the impression that DNA was unique to each individual. It sounds like they want to copyright a snowflake. Is human mass production (send in the clones) really that close as to create a concern?

  2. DNA is unique, yes, until someone succeeds at duplicating it, at which point it no longer is, and “modified DNA” will start to become subject of copyrighting… And I think we’re closer to this event happening, than we all tend to think.
    The killer in this particular story is they’re planning on copyrighting it as music, instead of the regular scientific patents.

  3. …yes, but imagine if we humans can create beings resulting from DNA strings of melodies from, for example, Kenny G or Michael Bolton…AAAAAAHHH..!! A chill in my spine…:-)

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