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Something to cheer up

Something to cheer up our french readers: Les Fils de l’Invention announce a Special Zappa Evening, to take place in Paris, 27 August. Several Z-movies will be projected (including one where both the Monkees and Frank appear!), and rumour has it Gail Zappa will be attending the event.

Keeping up the good tradition of posting totally unrelated links, here’s a bunch of adequately mutilated Re-Versed Rock Lyrics. Check out Smells Like Holy Spirit which is particularly -uh- like totally bitchin! Amen Sister Mari!

When they see me

When they see me comin’, they all steps aside…
How To Dance Properly has just updated has just updated its collection of Zappa-mp3’s at myplay. Some interesting tracks: Chunga’s Revenge with Dweezil (Wembley 4/19/88) and Filthy Habits (Providence 3/16/88). Also be sure to check out the tribute page which has a whole bunch of neat-o stuff awaiting you.

A damn fine Zappa-page

A damn fine Zappa-page was recently added to Barry’s Add A Page section. Click ZapGuz and behold the goodies!
On a side note: are you a FREAK?

News you say? Loads

News you say?
Loads of interesting poop at UK-based idiot bastard, including an exclusive Muffinz-mp3 called Another Bag Of Spoons (from a live concert at Kln 98).
Now go away! I’m watching Homer take the ride on the MonoRail – great episode.

Barry’s frontpage has a

Barry’s frontpage has a new animation, lovingly puzzled together by myself and the Right Honorable SOFA.
Have to be slightly familiar with SNL to fully grasp the concept though…

“A perfect child? We

“A perfect child? We have one right here – he’s under the coffeetable”FZ
France’s highest court of appeal has ruled that disabled children are entitled to compensation if their mothers were not given the chance of an abortion.
Wonder what Z would’ve had to say on this.

On the internet, this

On the internet, this is old news but – did anyone catch this thread off of affz ? It appears Patrick Neve, eminent Grand Wazoo of the Upper Echelon affz crowd (they fuck you if you don’t like their hat, and they like to play PRANKS during the initiation), will no longer be maintaining Splat’s Pages. Arf dot ru, Naurin and Cornelius have offered to take over the pages. They are and have always been a great point of reference, so I hope they remain online in some way or another.

Worth mentioning: Zappanale taking

Worth mentioning: Zappanale taking place july 27- 28.
Worth waiting for: America The Beautiful, Moon Unit’s new book.
Very nice: here’s an mp3 from Will Riley at planet of idiots: Orchestral Music.
Word of warning:10 Mb download…

Actually: how’s bout if

Actually: how’s bout if I explain a bit what it is I’m trying to achieve here? But of course.
News-sections in sites are a proverbial bitch to maintain. You find an interesting link, you hear this or that, and you figure: I’ll add this to the news-section once I got enough stuff to fill it up with. And by the time you actually get to put it on the page – opening the page in the html-editor of your choice, looking up the link, spending hours to retrieve it, working it inthere, uploading the page – the friggin news is doggone outdated.
That’s why I have a thing for this blogger thingie. It’s a nifty tuf ‘n bitchin piece of technology that allows me to post stuff here whenever I feel like it. In fact, I’m using this format in a way that most “blogs” don’t. Most of them use it in order to have the world be up to date with their excruciatingly dismal lives (for lack of a better topic). There are however some really enjoyable personal blogs. My personal favorite is Zeldman Presents. This is his motto on the ALA-site: “The Independent Content Producer Refuses To Die”! I rest my case…
So there ya have it. This is, in effect, Phase One of HotPoop. Its progression shall be in bits and pieces with a couple of other people joining in to contribute possibly.
That is all. Don’ forget to visit our good friends at The Big Note!

In Holland there’s a

In Holland there’s a radio-station that devoted an entire year (if not more) to broadcasting FZ-tunes. It’s to be found right here. The site seems interesting enough – has articles relating to Va and Bozzio and such – but the real treat is the “Enter the Zappa Archive” button. When you click this, it asks you for a password and, god darnit, I ain’t got one… Hello? Anyone know the pass for this?

is this phase one

is this phase one of: we’re only in it for the blogging?