KUR’s 2nd Annual Virtual Zappanale Mix

Welcome to KUR’s 2nd Annual Virtual Zappanale Mix for August 2010. For those of us who cannot make it to this year’s festival in Bad Doberan, I have compiled an eclectic mix of some of my favorite FZ covers by well known alumni – and some other not so well known. On this virtual stage, time and space does not matter as acts appear fresh from 1969, while others are temporarily brought back from the hereafter for just one more kick at the can, so to speak, all together in one mix. Of course, I’d love to be there in Bad Doberan, and perhaps I will go there one day, myself. Until then, enjoy the music of the maestro. And the spirit of the Mothers…

Click here to listen to the mixtape.

Note: my sincerest appreciation and thanks to Andrew Greenaway and MagicFingers for their assistance in the compiling of this mixtape.

Zappanale 20 — Jubilee Edition

Despite all the legal intimidation that’s been going on, German ZapFest Zappanale is ready to roll! Just a couple of the confirmed bands/players for this 20th jubilee are:

Check out the flyer front / back, and the poster for more detailed information.

The Real Frank Zappa Book And Elsewhere

A new homepage found on FZ – gee, in hungarian… Okay, you won’t understand a word, but you migh find interesting these:

– The Real FZ Book, hard cover version; (Nice, huh?…)
– Poster about the Real FZ book: front, back.
– Pictures: The Mothers in Zagreb, 1975.
The Grandmothers in Hungary, 1994 (with JCB, of course…)

The above things are completely new to me. The rest are mostly documents, artitcles from 1991. Keep on bloggin’, Lajos!

“It Happen(e)d Here”

This just in:

The Arf-Society will release a limited edition two-CD set of the legendary Grandmothers reunion concert from 28 July 2002. The price is just 15 Euros, with all proceeds going towards helping Jimmy Carl Black pay his medical bills. Pre-order now from press@arf-society.de to ensure you get your copy of this special set in time for Christmas. The album features Don Preston, Roy Estrada, Bob Harris, Jimmy Carl Black, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Bunk Gardner, André Cholmondeley and Glenn Leonard.

JCB - It Happend Here


  1. You’re Probably Wondering Why I’m Here
  2. Lonely Little Girl
  3. Motherly Love
  4. The Duke Of Prunes
  5. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
  6. Son Of Orange County
  7. More Trouble Every Day
  8. Flower Bunk
  9. The Idiot Bastard Son
  10. Village Of The Sun
  11. Echidna’s Arf (Of You)
  12. In The Sky
  13. Silicone Hump
  14. Holiday In Berlin
  15. Big Leg Emma
  16. Lonesome Cowboy Burt
  17. The Eternal Question
  18. How Could I Be Such A Fool
  19. I Ain’t Got No Heart
  20. I’m Not Satisfied
  21. Wowie Zowie
  22. It Can’t Happen Here
  23. Honorary Membership
  24. Love Of My Life
  25. Soft-Cell Conclusion

Is that a sweet playlist or what? I’m off to order my copy! Yourself?

Interview With Jimmy Carl Black

A few months back Just a week ago, Andrew Greenaway did an interview with Jimmy Carl Black. Despite health problems, Jimmy’s in good spirits, performing with The Muffin Men and recording with various other artists across Europe. Just one project he’s worked on:

The CD is called The Jimmy Carl Black Story. It is due out anytime. I basically went into the studio one night and told my life story. It took me about one and a half hours to do it. He [Jon Larsen – ed.] then used some blues players from Oslo and also some of the guys from the Strange News CD for the background music.

Jimmy won’t make it to Zappanale this year, but has already set his mind on next year’s edition. Which is cool, since Sharl and I won’t be able to make it there either this year, for reasons that we may well expound upon at a later date. Read the whole article here.