From Hungary With Love

I discovered Frank Zappa’s music in the early years of the ’70s, back in my home country, Budapest, Hungary. I was about 20 years old, and just went through eight years of music training, and four years of art school, and all I cared about was art and music (big coincidence, huh?). Of course, I had some interest in girls too, but since I had no formal training regarding that matter, I thought I shouldn’t mention it.

Nice, long article by Gábor Csupó, creator of (among others) the Lost Episodes CD-cover – about youth, about music, about FZ.

The Real Frank Zappa Book And Elsewhere

A new homepage found on FZ – gee, in hungarian… Okay, you won’t understand a word, but you migh find interesting these:

– The Real FZ Book, hard cover version; (Nice, huh?…)
– Poster about the Real FZ book: front, back.
– Pictures: The Mothers in Zagreb, 1975.
The Grandmothers in Hungary, 1994 (with JCB, of course…)

The above things are completely new to me. The rest are mostly documents, artitcles from 1991. Keep on bloggin’, Lajos!