Adrian Belew’s “E”

A brand new album for the Power Trio – the tracks are: a. b. c. d. e. – hehe. See the post on Adrian Belew’s blog, and you can buy it here (via: The Idiot Bastard).

“The band also recently issued a Live Overseas album on iTunes (which includes Neurotica and Frame By Frame, neither of which appeared on the excellent Side Four Live)”

Persona Non Grata: Adrian Belew Weighs In

With regard to this, here’s what Adrian Belew has to say:

I told dweezil I would try my best to insure he would not see andre. but I put it off and put it off and I want to make this clear: I did not say anything to andre. andre had no idea that he should keep out of dweezil’s sight.

why did I not keep my word to dweezil? andre is a valued member of my crew and a friend. I know how much he loves frank’s music. I could not bring myself to hurt andre’s feeling.

Be sure to read the whole post. Thanks to Joe Crawford for the head’s up.