Something to cheer up

Something to cheer up our french readers: Les Fils de l’Invention announce a Special Zappa Evening, to take place in Paris, 27 August. Several Z-movies will be projected (including one where both the Monkees and Frank appear!), and rumour has it Gail Zappa will be attending the event.

Keeping up the good tradition of posting totally unrelated links, here’s a bunch of adequately mutilated Re-Versed Rock Lyrics. Check out Smells Like Holy Spirit which is particularly -uh- like totally bitchin! Amen Sister Mari!

On the internet, this

On the internet, this is old news but – did anyone catch this thread off of affz ? It appears Patrick Neve, eminent Grand Wazoo of the Upper Echelon affz crowd (they fuck you if you don’t like their hat, and they like to play PRANKS during the initiation), will no longer be maintaining Splat’s Pages. Arf dot ru, Naurin and Cornelius have offered to take over the pages. They are and have always been a great point of reference, so I hope they remain online in some way or another.

In Holland there’s a

In Holland there’s a radio-station that devoted an entire year (if not more) to broadcasting FZ-tunes. It’s to be found right here. The site seems interesting enough – has articles relating to Va and Bozzio and such – but the real treat is the “Enter the Zappa Archive” button. When you click this, it asks you for a password and, god darnit, I ain’t got one… Hello? Anyone know the pass for this?