Stolen Thunder

“His play wasn’t a success, but his thunder effect was, and other producers started borrowing this idea. Every time he would encounter someone using his effect he would accuse them of “stealing his thunder,” and that’s how that expression came into the English language.” This anecdote, among others, is a part of the history of a dying breed known as the foley artist. Check out the art of sound effects!

The Leary Biscuit

Now, it’s pretty clear to all of us that Frank Zappa made concerted efforts to question authority. Yet another individual was also famous for questioning authority, on his own terms: Dr. Timothy Leary. I’ve discovered a recipe from the doctor himself ideal for those dedicated to those questioning authority under such terms. Add this little dish to your current Zappa-authority-questioning-type-of-meal, consisting of a strong cup of coffee and two or three Winstons, and you can start keeping score!

Bump the Chump

Remember how some folks wanted to get rid of Clinton because he put that cigar where shouldn’t have? I think those guys need to get their priorities straight. A “preemptive war” seems to me like a more serious offense. George W. Bush must answer to the people! Here’s a suggestion for those of you displeased with his actions. Let’s at least try to pretend America still exercises democracy.

Tell me about your childhood…

I recently shared this with SOFA and in his maroon, cushioned greatness, he suggested I dish it out for all the Hot Poopers.

Okay, a little background info: I received one of those fraud-type-letters-promising-enormous-riches almost identical to the very first entry. With a healthy dose of skepticism, I used a search engine to find out more info about a Pedro F. Hasler, and discovered this funny exchange. I know, there’s a lot to read there, but it’s worth it. C’mon, it’s the weekend.