In Memoriam: David Walley

A reminder to one and all that it was one year ago today that we at KUR said a final goodbye to one of our regular contributors, a man who gave us some rare insights into the early years of the Mothers. I am, of course, referring to the late lamented David Walley.

He was a good friend to all of those fortunate enough to get to know him. I always remember, a few years back when he was invited to become a member of those reprobates over at The Big Note, he kept saying how honoured he was to be invited, and that he wondered whether he would be able to contribute anything useful to the discussions! I had to reassure him that the honour was entirely ours and that I was quite sure that his posts would find an interested audience, but it took a while to convince him.

He was a thinker; he had his opinions, and enjoyed expressing them , but in my experience he was always willing to listen to others’ viewpoints, always willing to offer encouragement and support. He was that kind of guy, and he is sorely missed.

2 thoughts on “In Memoriam: David Walley”

  1. I recall asking David some inane question regarding FZ in the early days – something pretty well documented, had I done any research at all – and he was so gracious and accommodating. Once I found out the info was so readily available, I felt rather foolish – taking up his time…
    I’ve never encountered anyone in the Zappa pantheon so easily accessible, with the possible exception of Nigey Lennon (who also thought David was one of a kind), and Calvin Schenkel.
    David was a warm, sensitive, and caring sort, the likes of which are hard to come by.
    Always fondly remembered…

  2. I never talked or corresponded with David, but I always found his ability to connect Frank’s work with the larger world of ideas on a par with Jerome Klinkowitz, who did the same thing with Vonnegut and Bukowski on everything.

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