Captain Midnight

A creepy incident occurred at Chicago’s WGN-TV on 22/11/’87:

The pictures on the station monitors in the studio suddenly began to jitter and twitch. Across Chicago, countless other televisions did the same, as Dan’s clips of the Bears game were lost in a brief flurry of static and replaced with the sinister, grinning visage of Max Headroom.

And that was just the beginning. View the clip here.
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4 thoughts on “Captain Midnight”

  1. Spooky and amazing. Reminds me of the Napster stuff when hackers hit the FCC and Metalica’s websites. Hackers could take a lesson from Max and Midnight, hit the corporations and the government, they’re the enemy not porn perusers and file sharers!

  2. Pretty keen – especially that spanking scene – even if poor old Max DOES seem rather drastically ‘faced, judging by how he’s wobbling there. Also a tad chilling 2 realize that noone has pulled anything like this off on the vidwaves since.

    Some years back we had a bunch of swell kids locally, said heroes yclept Guerilla Media, who didst verily insert their own quite ferociously droll versions of local corruptocrat papers The Sun & The Province into many of said papers’ vending boxes, whereupon jocular gobs of hilarity ensued 4 all … sigh …

    WHERE ARE THEY NOW??????????

  3. This is obviously an act of the Residents.

    I wish. T.V. today (especially in Amerika) needs a swift kick in the ass, along with all of its viewers.

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