8 thoughts on “Bozzio in KoRn”

  1. Korn has good chops but lacks imagination, they dont deserve all the flack they get. They’re just too whiney- I bet Terry will help them loosen up a bit. Same problem with System of a Down, eerily Beefheart sounding but too angst-ridden.

  2. Does this mean that Terry won’t be on the ZPZ tour? I was hoping I’d get to see him when/if ZPZ came back to England.

  3. Saw them open 4 KMFDM back when they weren’t cool yet … but pay scant attention 2 angst-n-roll any more of late.

    Yes, that is all.

  4. I loved their first 2 albums. After that the real feeling went missing. As the feeling was pretty negative, I’m glad for them personally, but it’s a shame for music.
    That’s the problem with a lot of those angst&depression bands: once the members get a grip on their life (or just get past puberty) the Big Feeling is gone and they start to be milder and less interesting versions of their old selves.

  5. I didn’t know Bozzio was into that kind of music. But having seen him live at the ZPZ, I can imagine that he would enjoy the energi of Korns music. I also enjoyed some of their first albums, but haven’t been following for the past years.

  6. Korn’s first album was great. BUT there is no way i’ll go see him in Korn rather than ZPZ. which is better music….hmmmm….gee let me guess. hope he stays with ZPZ. hope ZFT makes it a annual on going thing to where he just can’t say “no.” that cute little drummer.

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