Gods Of Guitar

… and why we need them:

Passion and creative freedom directly threaten the executive’s grip on airplay and record sales. The music biz marginalizes any trend that doesn’t lead directly to merchandising profits, big money. What do you think they’ll do if they see that dollar slipping away? A single note can evoke so many feelings: joy, triumph, pain, anger, rebellion… how long before musical expression comes under the jurisdiction of the Patriot Act?

6 thoughts on “Gods Of Guitar”

  1. Isn’t that precisely the point FZ was making with Joe’s Garage?
    While autobiographical in many aspects, FZ had much more on his mind with the creation and release of Joe’s Garage Acts I-III. One only had to follow what ocurred in the 80s to see the Zappa was prescient.
    Daily we surrender more and more of our individual freedoms. Utilizing the politics of fear, racism, and hate certain governmental apparatchiks erode another layer of our Constitutional gauranteed freedoms and rights.
    Neither party offers alternatives for they are all part of the same corrupt kkkorporate shitstem.
    Thomas Jefferson advocated “revolution” every ten years to keep the “professionals” out of government.
    I’d say we’re long overdue!

  2. Interesting article, but where are all the so-called “guitar gods” of today?

    (trecherous cretin…you are getting sleepy, very sleepy…on the count of 3 you will spring from your seat and sing ‘Bacon Fat’)

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