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  1. Frank was remarkably precient often. He even predicted the rise of Ronald Reagan in the US – in 1963-4! ‘From the Heart of old Death Valley/To the Ruling of our Land/A Simple Trick You Simple Pigs, Just the Way We Planned!’ (‘Agency Man‘). Mostly though he’s not really predicting specific events so much as identifying, er.. trends, and he has been horribly right about a lot of them.

  2. uh, yeah he was right. it goes on and on and on. you can easily listen to dickies such an asshole and find comparisons with today’s government. just change the title to georgie’s. or keep it as DICKies!

  3. The words ‘Fascism’ and ‘Nazis’ get thrown around a lot these days. People use it as an adjective for evil, rather than a personification of evil. What I mean is, calling someone a Nazi when they were not subscribed members to the party nor are they even anti-semetic. EG, a ‘Soup Nazi’. They call Bush a Nazi but he is pro-Israel. I see where their getting at but America lacks some of the certain tenaments of Fascism. The main being that the rise of Fascism in Itlay and Germany was not religious, in fact Mussolini had a certain disdain for Catholic institutes and the Pope was more or less intimidated into ‘blessing’ his regime. As well, the rise of Fascist states were financed by the rich but were run independently from the rich. Hitler did not invade Poland or the Rhineland with any economic interest in mind. Nor was there any German-Italian business deal or “interests” in their invasions of Europe and Africa. These were more or less ‘idealic’ crusades. Lastly, the Fascist movements in Italy and Germany were youth oriented. While in America, the Republicans and Republican support is mostly in middle-aged to elderly high tax earners and the voting ‘patriot’ class. While in both Italy and in Germany, the initial ‘black shirt’ operations were instigated by young punks in their late teens, early twenties who missed out on WWI and wanted to get in on the action. Or, mainly in the case of Italy, disgruntled veterans from the first world war who independtly went off to invade Fiume (prior to the rise of the Fascist movement).
    The point is, America is nothing more than a third rate pedestrian dictatorship. Cronism? Censorship? Disdain for the intellectual elite? That describes leaderships from Renaissance Vatican, Monarchies down to Stalin and McCarthyism. If America was to be completely Fascist, the boyscouts, or similar group would rise up, slit the throats of these bloated corrupted sell-out fat-cats who are running the White House. Then arm themselves and go after the queers, minorities, and the Left in general. This is after getting funding from the White House to arm themselves and after having received power, take out the elements of debate and opposition in the White House (disbanning the Supreme Court and the Senate for starters).
    Let’s give Hitler and Mussolini their due, they were independent, educated speakers, natural leaders who exerted order and control. They had a vision for their people. Unlike Amerikkka who seems to amble from one blunder after another, with no real vision other than depleting the treasury into private hands and mucking up the middle east for their financial backers.

  4. Gosh, I think some of that needs a response – which I’ll gladly provide right after I quell the urge 2 puke out my nostrils so’s 2 distract my loathing:

    – both Hitler AND Mussolini were incompetent venal power-sluts that blew their control of an entire continent, in part because they thought the US’d probably switch sides … both “natural leaders” were psychopathic fuckheads who each had 2 be elaborately trained/groomed/coached, both were drop-outs, one a wino, the other a chronic cokehead

    – that “third-rate pedestrian dictatorship” due south o’ me is packing some mighy fucking mean nuclear & bioweapons arsenal, along w/ Zero Respect 4 Human Right OR National Borders, so i would REALLY be careful about dissin’ down on it, yo … if y’grok that cast-o-characters, ye may be chagrined 2 note that these’re many of the people that brought you Dickie Nixon, w/ a double-dose o’ Ronnie Raygun fer dessert … in elite politics, third-raters don’t EVER get “Take Another Free Turn” cards, dude – they get mulched.

    – Bush, Cheney & their creepy cronies are so “incompetant” that he’s most of the way thru an 8-year spree of Pure Fugly that’d make Jackson or Teddy Roosevelt blush, let alone Nixon – yet that “fool” still has yet 2 so much @ SMELL any impeachment-loaf get a-cookin’ … OOOOOOH, now dat jus’ GOTS t’be one awful fine educashnin him gots gwine on dere, HMM?

    – Let’s just have a nice Freedom-Nap whilst we forget that this bunch’re all HARDCORE Reconstructionist-fundamentalists … oh, & that vast “contempt” fascists had 4 religion sure explains why Hitler chose a Hindu CROSS much like the CROSS on those nice shiny planes Mussolini sent 2 Spain & Ethiopia, & why so many senior clergy signed a Concordat w/ Hitler – whoa dere, I smells trubba!!!!!!!

    – Check out NSC49 if y’wanna know how “unfocused” US policy is – it’s from right after that icky little dust-up we had w/ those “natural leaders” & it basically says: the only way 2 beat Stalin & become dominant is 2 out-komissar the komissars … FFWD up 2 the scary-ass year of your choice … shee-IT but they’s done some very reWARding kinda post-nine-elebbinty amble down yonduh – wish dat it was MY skinny-ass wallet dat alla dem BigDaddy WarBucks was a-floppin’ in on now – shoNUFF!

  5. I see your point Jim and we do agree that the US as well as any dictatorship is very dangerous. Altho I doubt that Adolf and Benny had much grooming, even if they were doped up, Benny was a brilliant essayist and they were both brilliant speakers. Dont let dop stop ya by any means!
    While I would concede that Hitler was a mystic, any connection between the Fascist parties and religion is tenious at best. Benny was an atheist and both parties intimidated the Pope (who was also an anti-semite who didnt need much convincing to hop on the Nazi train) to sign off his blessings. Both the Iron Cross and the Swastika were not introduced to Germany by the Nazis or Hitler. The Swastika began showing up as graphitti on German military equipment as early as 1916. The Iron Cross was a military symbol with a religious sentiment, choice to use it during the second world war would likely be for the sake of tradition.
    As far as Bush’s success in elections, it is easy to win once you’ve rigged the ballot boxes. Benny didnt need an election and Hitler managed to quash all the other parties so that he was conceded Chancellorship, technically not voted in, even though he would have been. But also keep in mind that a lot of people’s jobs were on the line. The Nazi and Fascisti parties paid regular salaries to it’s ever growing horde of stormtroopers. Which I will concede to you also but still believe you to have gross misconceptions about the Fascist revolution.
    What I initially objected to in the article itself was that the author was confusing Fascism with a totalitarian government. There is much that seperates the two. There is much that seperates Fascism from the Bush administration. I believe that under Benny or Adolf, they had a greater sense of responsibility for their supporters and any wars they engaged in were engaged in for Nationalistic reasons. Yet this could be argued since Hitler initially invaded Poland for ‘freedom’ purposes (to liberate the Germans). As well, observing the facts and speeches and the subsequents trials and other information, I also find that Benny and Adolf’s motives were ‘pure’, as in they were not going to sell out their ideals or their country for money, power or to business, either foreign or national. That being said, their madness took their country to the depths as we shall see in the stupidity and greed of America will soon follow suit.
    The point being that the doctor’s article is questionable, he set out with an agenda to stigmatize America, brand them a certain label and cut out or ignore facts to the contrary. Does he address any of these objections? By no means are these facts even obscure. The man either didnt do his research or he just doesnt care. The point being, if you want the truth in something or simply wish to convey a point, then you must look at something from all angles, even from ones which disagree with your argument. I find the gaps in his article to be irresponsible and more so, fanning fire to Liberal-media claims which scare journalists from trully covering events in America. Not from Left and Right perspecitives but solely as the nake lens curtails.

  6. Hitler was far more groomed than was “Benny” but groomed they truly were – I’ve read that Hitler more-or-less totally sucked as a public speaker in part due 2 his murky accent ( which is why, even in the wake of losing a war PLUS one of the ugliest economic crashes EVER outside of the 3rd World, even in someplace as sincerely Anti-Semitic @ early 20th-Century Europe, he still only had circa 200 “patriots” by his side fer that Beer Hall Putsch-partay … fer my two-bit’s-worth, i just think it’s sorta parlous praxis 2 quibble over the distinctions ‘twixt “Fascism” & “totalitarianism” — even leaving aside the fact that “the REAL F-word” is both abused & misunderstood, your semiotic gripe seems questionable given that both are mainly defined by “strong centralized authoritarian government” in ye olde Dictionary.

    Er, um, i surely do hope y’know that de Bush Klan had MAJOR ties 2 Nazi banking – wubbaya’s grampa Prescott came THIS close 2 becoming a Federally-Billetted Licence-Plate Engineer due 2 his warm loving relationship w/ de Reichsbank … Hitler also subscribed 2 a strategy affectionately known @ “sausagetactik” – i.e. introduce Fascist policy a teensie-weensie dab @ a time, like thinly-sliced kielbasa, which is the only way all the severley-ignint honkies will stand 4 it … might be interesting 2 compare the quanta of “Omnibus” bills – i.e., one scrip, many doses – that this US Govt. has emitted viv-a-vis the previous one, or 2 contrast the non-heat Shrub is facing NOW w/ the shitstorm Clinton served himself up by jamming all his judicial reform into one big honkin’-huge Crime Bill – – – or or that matter, the fortune spent investigating his extramarital cigar-tricks & BJ, versus the spare change spent 2 “investigate” September 11th … or the hush that greeted the dissolution of the “Where’s Waldo bin Laden?” unit ( that hunt has been @ good @ cancelled 4 more than a YEAR now, sports fans ); Bush is stupid like a fox when it comes 2 exercising/expanding state power & especially using the MYSTIQUE of the presidency 2 abrogate new powers 4 his office.

    Hitler came 2 power due 2 several factors such @ Hindenberg’s obvious impending demise & lack of a chosen successor, Versailles treaty paybacks & some mega-boffo multimedia hijinx … but the REAL kicker was a convenient fire in the Reichstag along w/ a conveniently repentant Jewish-Communist arsonist-psychotic; Nazis used that “gift” a la “Remember The Alamo” & kept it in Germany’s face just like Bush did/does so gladly w/ September 11th – i just happened 2 see that second WTC impact live on TeeVee & when i did, the cry i didst wrathfully bellow was, 2 wit: “REICHSTAG!!!” Funny how Rumsfeld chose 9/10 @ de date 2 announce that his Pentagon had lost track of circa $2.4 Trillion, a story that never really gained traction 4 some reason – or how Condi had her “rah-rah US” speech all nice & polished 4 de Netjerks, just like Shrub did ( no flucking WAY could anyone who’s heard Bush ad-lib could attribute his 9/11 speech 2 its oh-so-crusade-happy barker ), the same bloody DAY no less. PHEEEUW.

    Shrub, Hitler & Mussolini ALL smell redolent of a harsh Messianic simplex, one that holds together MUCH better via religion than via rationale – hey, look out kids, it’s the Caesar, Siegfried & Jesus Show!

    ” Didja get any on ya down deah???”

    Yow! Thanks 4 replying 2 the reply! I love it!

  7. Good points. Aside from the dreadful fishspeak. Which is personally teeth grinding when anyone other Ike, Frank or Nappy does it. Kind of like all those people who went around doing Austin Powers impressions: “Yah Baby”. But anyways, good points with the alternate rise to power theories. Evidence is spotty and a lot of the time it is up to conjecture whose motives were what, EG. Pope Pious signing consent to the Nazis and Benny. Anyhow, we’ll never REALLY know what they were thinking. History is also very spotty during that period in German history, the Nazis kept good records then burned them and what we know we know through the Nurumberg which (witch) hunts. If you wanna see backstabbing and imaginative justice, check out those transcripts. Reads like the X rated version of the Watergate hearings.
    You make a good point on the Reichstagg but you didnt address Benny and co. only Hitler. Benny was an accomplished speaker, reading his essays which were very well written, verses Hitler whose essays suck but still man, he had quite a set of lovely lungs on him.
    Yes the silver spoon in George II’s mouth was made from the fillings extracted from dead Jews teeth but that’s where the Nazi connection ends, for me anyways. He’s a crook from a family of crooks and they’ve done deals with the devil once, twice and this would be the third time, for a buck. Also keep in mind that Henry Ford from Ford motors was vehement in Nazi support to refuse the sale of badly needed airplane motors for the British defense, out of principle. Not to forget his little newsletter. As well, Walt Disney was also a vehement Nazi supporter, remember his cartoon. Now his business is run by Jews and ironically caused more harm and horror than perverse, abusive and anti-semetic Walt ever would have.
    Oh well, we have important things to worry about like Israel, McDonald’s, cancer, 9/11 conspiracies, Gary McKinnon, WW3, Korea and the Roxy DVD. Nice talking with you, clean up that thingfish mouth of yours!

  8. “Benny” – contrary 2 popular belief – did NOT make the trains run on time. Just wanted 2 get that off my sallow chest. Ahhhh.

    Hey, how about the oh-so-jolly lawsuit that Ford, GM, Kodak, Union Carbide & other “good corporate citizens” filed right after WW2, seeking damages 4 Allied bombing damage 2 their numerous Nazi subsidiaries? Sounds surreal in its frivolousness – until ya realize THEY WON.

    OR howzabout a heart-warmin’ round o’ “applause” fer that Generalissimo Franco, the Spanish Hitler – full member in good standing w/ the Original Axis O’ Evil, yet left 2 his own devices until his animatronic carcass finally shut down 4 good in the 1970’s – in exchange 4 Spain being “neutral” during said war (actually about @ “neutral” @ the US was toward the Sandinistas) … now that was a boy w/ MAJOR epaulette issues … Hoo Hoo!

    Heh heh heh … oh just you wait baby … you think THAT’s hurtful, y’better get yo’ ass some Extra-Strength PeptoDismol 4 when i post my THING-FISH revue … heh heh heh heh! Just 4 the record, i AM a Pisces — apropos, n’est pas?

    “Really deep, intense, thought-provoking Broadway SYMBOLISM!”

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