6 thoughts on “Social Experiment”

  1. Wow! The Global Zappa Community? All 3?
    I tremble to think of what could possibly cause such a co-ordinated effort…

  2. From the 4th onwards you would be provided with the most diverse musical explorations.

    Every now and then I make a sort of list. Ridiculous, but true : the 20 best .

    Should I do it again, right now?

    Now is the time for a break. Good Friday 3.00 p.m. Meaning : listening to the masterpiece of the baroque, the Mattheus Passion from J S Bach. Drama, gravitas…

  3. I suspect that if you handed out free CDs at the ‘mall’ most would be thrown in the bin without a second thought, one person would probably report you to the police, and maybe five people would actually end up listening to the CD. And perhaps one of them would listen all the way through. And there’s just a chance that he or she would like what they hear…

  4. if you can save one soul, it is all worth it.

    i think i’m going to try this some time next week.

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