– I had no time to blog today. It was quite refreshing.
– An Austrian Zappa tribute band called “Sex Without Nails Bros.” is performing Joe’s Garage live. They will take on Roxy, Sheik Yerbouti and other stuff in the future. They kindly requested a plug. So there ya go, check em out!
– An adaptation of Zappa’s “Thing-Fish” is going to premiere in London this August. There is a site accompanying this which includes all relevant
information regarding the project. A major update is in the making for
the weekend, so from monday it will include cast-lists, images and
The PositionMaster is as funny as it is useful.
– My cat has managed to pee on both my pyjamas and my bathrobe. I’m guessing he’s just desperate to get a girlfriend.
– Just how fully clothed I am blogging these miscellany, I will leave to your imagination.