2 thoughts on “Ssssick”

  1. I understand “the intention” but i find the site has a pretty bad taste…hard to swallow.

  2. overdone a little, but i think i can see what it’s hinting at. i mean, if anyone could find a ‘morally sound way’ to make money of this, they would do it. or are doing it, or do you know where the money went to that was spent on all those american flags?
    i just remember those sick people trying to auction WTC rubble on e-bay. and they were serious!
    also the ‘theme park’ issue… i am not american and i think i might have a awkward way on those people… but a theme park seems to belong to the ‘american way’ just as a lot of other things.
    but: this guy is not very good in tellingt the joke. not as good as the whitehouse.org people anyway.

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