Roxy Diva

At, a poll (!): Would you prefer the Roxy film in a theater with all of your radiant friends or would you rather get the DVD in your hot little hands so you can experience the magic in the privacy of your own headquarters. Or both! Shall we take this poll seriously?
And via KURForum member NoPlasticRobots: audio of Diva Zappa singing “When the Ball Drops”, with Dweezil on guitar and Tipper Gore on drums…

5 thoughts on “Roxy Diva”

  1. How did you guys vote? I voted “Both”. I think it would be great to see this movie in a theatre; and I don’t own a DVD player… I wonder though if they’re going to take these pollresults into consideration when they make the decision.

  2. Both, of course – and I don’t own a DVD player either.
    But I bet I could download a program for nothing, and watch it on my machine…

  3. As for “considering” the poll…
    That’s a rhetorical question, right?
    I don’t believe the ZFT takes the fan’s desires into consideration, unless it’s tied directly with a market analysis that shows a profit to be made.

  4. If and when this thing sees the light of day will be the day I buy a DVD player. I’ve been waiting for this for about 20 years. My question is, is this poll a positive sign or a negative one? Does this mean we are close to an actual release or should we all jump on Mr. Bobs bandwagon of doom?

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