Ed Palermo: “What Edgar

Ed Palermo: “What Edgar Varèse was to Frank Zappa, Frank Zappa is to me.”
He’s Not In It For The Money : interesting interview with the leader from one of the great FZ tribute bands.

In the article Palermo also states that “you have to get passed the ugliness to discover the beauty of Zappa’s music” (or something to that effect, I’m quoting off the top of my head here). First album that came to mind when I read that, was “ThingFish”, with its notorious supposed racist/misogynist undertone, and of course that ever popular Hustler pictorial to further crank up the Provoke-O-Mat.
ThingFish had me slightly amazed stumped when I listened to it, and it’s still far from being my favorite Zappa-release. But reading stuff about the libretto has turned out to be very entertaining. Hours of good reads over at these pages on whatchamacallits, Sister Jasmine Noxema-Tapioca, Mammy Nuns and other Unknown Kreetchuh’s…