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Anyone who has followed my posts knows that I’m a avid downloader of torrents from Zappateers (and a fantastic bunch of freaks they are – I tip my hat to them for all the excellent Zappa torrents I’ve downloaded through the years). That said, I am also an avid collector of many exceptional Zappa tribute bands (far too numerous to name here, though). Periodically, though, I come across a particular group of musicians that I feel I just have to share. For that purpose, I’ve begun an irregular series entitled, “Tunes, Treats & Torrents” to highlight these groups and their exceptional covers of Zappa compositions.

The first of those bands in this series are The Muffin Men, an incredible group of musicians from Liverpool, UK. When I recently downloaded a torrent of an excerpt of their Kirchheim Tech, Germany show on April 24th, 1993 featuring guests Don Preston, Bunk Gardner, and Jimmy Carl Black I knew I had to share it (especially since live recordings of Bunk Gardner are so incredibly rare anyway). Give these covers a listen and decide what you think:

King Kong – The Muffin Men (Kirchheim Teck, Germany, 24 Apr 1993)
[audio:20100331_01 King Kong.mp3]

Don Whanks It Out – The Muffin Men (Kirchheim Teck, Germany, 24 Apr 1993)
[audio:20100331_02 Don Whanks It Out.mp3]

Son of Mr Green Genes – The Muffin Men (Kirchheim Teck, Germany, 24 Apr 1993)
[audio:20100331_03 Son Of Mr Green Genes.mp3]

Willie the Pimp – The Muffin Men (Kirchheim Teck, Germany, 24 Apr 1993)
[audio:20100331_04 Willie The Pimp.mp3]

The Muffin Men (circa Spring/Summer 1993):

Roddie Gilliard: guitar, vocals
Ian Jump: stunt guitar
Andy Jacobson: keyboard
Mike Kidson: sax, toys, vocals
Andy Frizell: bass, vocals
Steve Belger: drums

Download torrent from Zappateers here.

P.S. Denny Walley has confirmed he is joining The Muffin Men for their performance at Zappanale in August, 2010.

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6 thoughts on “Tunes, Treats & Torrents – The Muffin Men”

  1. Now those of you with long memories will know that I too am a big fan of the Muffins, and have seen them on quite a few occasions over the years (and twice had the opportunity to sit down and discuss all things FZ with the late great JCB after the gig). The last time I saw them was at Fairport’s Cropredy Festival in 2008 a few months before Jim died, and half way through the gig (Jim had to back out at the last minute for obvious reasons), Roddie phoned him in hospital from the stage and 20,000 people wished him well. I gather he got quite emotional about it (well, you would, wouldn’t you?). Anyway, the Muffins have played at Cropredy twice in recent years, and if anyone happens to have a recording of either show……..? Be yer best friend. Either way, listen to Urban’s choices and enjoy.

  2. If you get the DVD ‘Muffinz Moovies volume three’ (according to their homepage there are still some of vol1 and vol3 left) it includes the full 90 minute Cropredy set from 2005. The Cropredy 2008 muffins are around on Youtube, including (i think) the phonecall to jcb.

  3. Has anyone else received the E-mail from Barfko-Swill about the reuben reissue? No information whatsoever in it, but I thought it would merit some notice here. And yet strangely, it hasn’t.

  4. Aay, now i’ve heard the “Pub Band” version of Zappa tributes: fill my pint with warm mead, my wench!

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