Varèse At The Southbank

Our pal MagicFingers writes:

Any of you KUR afficionados who happen to be in the London area over the weekend of April 16-18 might be in for a bit of a treat. There’s something rather special happening down at the Southbank.

He continues:

The awful irony being that it also happens to be Mrs MF’s birthday that weekend, so on the Friday night, rather than Deserts for wind, piano, percussion and tape, I am destined for an evening of Priscilla Queen of the bloody Desert. Life’s an ironic bitch. Still, I shall be there on the Sunday, so mustn’t grumble…


4 thoughts on “Varèse At The Southbank”

  1. “Love… Look at the 2 of us – strangers in many ways.”
    (Yeah, I know, I should be taken out and Drawn & Quartered – hell, MINCED – for quoting the Carpenters on a Varese post; someone stop me!)
    Chin up, Bro!

  2. Indeed, life is an ironic bitch, and an ironic skinny bitch at that – (oh, how magic fingers longs to be) close to you – have a happy birthday mrs magic fingers – that’s why all the boys in town follow you…close to you…ahhhhhh….close to youuuuu….

    Sorry, bro, the bile’s coming up my windpipe…

  3. I will survive…..(oh no, let’s not even go there!). Mrs MF thanks you for your kind words and promises a detailed review of Priscilla in due course. Sorry, for ‘promises’, read ‘threatens’.

  4. Interesting I read an interview with Richard Carpenter years and years ago in which he said that he and Karen were big Zappa fans.

    A few days after that I happened to see a bit of a television concert they did in which there was a medley of Bacharach and David songs, in which some of the segues displayed that influence subtly but clearly. It’s actually worth tracking down, just for fun. (In my humble opinion.)

    Oh, and I’ve got tickets for some of the Varese concerts (also just for fun), thanks for pointing it out Mr Fingers.


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