5 thoughts on “Harvest”

  1. Reminds me of his 1971: Live At Massey Hall concert: one man alone. This audience in Amsterdam do not know how fortunate they really are to be hearing Neil Young, especially after his near death brain surgery. From the sound of this video, he hasn’t missed a beat.

  2. It’s about time we get back on topic: being near dead is not quite the same as being dead. Ask Frank, the corpse.

    You hear me Frank, you dead son of a bitch? Call off your talentless family of leeches, or at least let us target them with bombs that match their meager intelligence. Object project. Which was the Idiot Bastard Son or Daughter?. Hi Gail. You’re my soulless expiration.

    Lacking guidance and community, let us improvise and extrapolate.

    Lacking that, fuck it. Bomb it. Bury it. No one who really matters will miss it. That is the truth. I got no papers on myself. You?


  3. One of Canada’s finest exports.

    Who could ever guess, hearing this, that the man has also played some of the most brutally distorted & razor-edged solos ever?

    Still hasn’t lost the snark either, I see.

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