New Sins

Meanwhile, here’s what Pope “Look into my eyes, look into the center of my eyes” Benny and his crazy boys over at the Apostolic Penitentiary have been up to:

Thou shall not pollute the Earth. Thou shall beware genetic manipulation. Modern times bring with them modern sins. So the Vatican has told the faithful that they should be aware of “new” sins such as causing environmental blight.

Catholics. Italians. Waste management.

Which reminds me we’ve been holding a Sopranos marathon at Barry Towers, late to the party as ever. Pure brilliance! Aah, the inimitable James Gandolfini — although this guy gets pretty close

12 thoughts on “New Sins”

  1. You’re right not to present Italians as ridiculous people. They’re absolutely not. They’ve given a spur to great art since 500 years.

    And yes, they continue to be – like women are- the Mothers of Modernity. They make sketches of the shape of things to come. Always a step further than the others in any art. Just one example in music is Luciano Berio. Just have a look at Wikipedia. Better: just listen to his numerous Sequenzas. It’s FZ music for – each and every time- just one musical instrument ( human voice included).

    However they, the Its, miss ” gravitas”. I partly agree.

    Other cultures say : this is just about style…. ( compare it with FZs air sculptures). Proof ex absurdo : Stravinsky pretended that Vivaldi kept composing the same concerto throughout his life. Strav. should have known better. Just listen to Vivaldi, the red haired priest, preto rosso, for instance (yes again for just one instrument ) his cello suites. Fantastic.

    Another Great Italian? Carlo Gesualdo (March 8, 1566 – September 8, 1613), prince of Venosa. Life : March 8, 1566 – September 8, 1613. Everybody knows about the murders he committed and ’bout his retreat in the Italian mountains.

    OK, the next game.
    You just invite – at home- a couple of friends who are interested in music or pretend to be so.
    You make them listen to his 6th Book Of Madrigals. In case it would’t be available, the 4th & 5th are OK as well. You say:

    – This is brand new innovating European music .
    – Puzzling us all.
    – Guess from which country.

    Result? They’ll all sincerely believe what you’re telling them and they’ll start guessing from which country this might come.

  2. Aha.
    The long term trend is:

    Creating a new future happens to be an rather easy excercise.

    – New tools enabling. There’s now something called internet, what’s this all about?

    – Reinventing( the other way around) earlier experiences. “Atavistic “, for the so called intellectuals.

    The old co- operative way.

  3. Ahem … Italy had more than 40 governments since the end of WWII. What does this say, bernard?

  4. Poor people getting more poor, rich get richer: Greed. For the shares of very company, I salute you. Bastards.

  5. “Nothing”, Roland.

    Thus, in modern terms: someting truly great.

    For sure : Instability. Something shaky.

    The mirror image of a cretaive , stubborn people.

  6. [quote comment=”56″]”Nothing”, Roland.

    Thus, in modern terms: someting truly great.

    For sure : Instability. Something shaky.

    The mirror image of a cretaive , stubborn people.[/quote]

    I’ll have what he’s having, whatever it is…

  7. Sorry folks, I let myself go. But thanks for your reaction. This topic makes me really feel bad.

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