Chicago ’80 (Again)

Everybody’s on holiday, it’s Friday thirteenth, what can I say? Chicago ’80 is running for another week. Lookout! A black cat! *runs*

One Response to “Chicago ’80 (Again)”

  1. LRonHoover says:

    i gotta say that i really like some of the other bands better than this one… like 82, 84, & 73-74. but this concert is so f@#$ing awesome, i had to comment on it. the solos on this one are nasty nasty nasty… these guys reach deep for this gig. really there’s no reason to not like this band, i guess i might’ve listened to YAWYI a few too many times. “pick me” has a sick solo, as does “if only she woulda”. these guys are hot rats man. ok for now. DL this puppy and pop it on immediately.

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