Crush All Boxes

While I mull over the rather baffling results of yesterday’s Belgian elections, may I direct you toward Crush All Boxes: a Zappa-centric blog well worth keeping an eye on.

5 Responses to “Crush All Boxes”

  1. Duncan says:

    Yes you may. I shall draw up a lengthy “least-loved” list while waiting for Steve to say “Boom” ;)

  2. Frank B. says:

    Good side, have a look at the Zappa-Buck, that’ s fun…lol

  3. scott says:

    Compared to KUR, CAB is shite.
    Maybe I’ll warm up to it, but KUR is “Out-of-Site”.

  4. Kevin Hoover says:

    Hey, thanks for directing folks over to Crush All Boxes.

    KUR is the best FZ blog, no doubt. What a great resource. Mine is more a companion or concordance to my FZ radio show, Zappa’s Grubby Chamber, and not as ambitious.

    Hey fellow hungry freaks, I have a question. Does anyone remember a print ad that featured an incredibly shitty drawing of Frank endorsing – I think it was a keyboard or maybe an amplifier?

    This was in the ’70s, I’m thinking. Anyway, the drawing was so comically bad I thought at the time Frank signed off on it just for the abject cheesiness of it.

    Ring any bells?

    Thanks again, KUR.


  5. xorg says:

    Despite having been a Zappa ‘fan’ for over forty years I too think some of his stuff is crap by FZ’s standards. The whole of Thing-Fish for a start! Too much yakking. And Joe’s Garage is too long – it should have been edited down to about one LP’s worth.

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