So It Goes

RIP Kurt Vonnegut.

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  1. Montana Wildhack says:

    It is said that there are conceptual continuity links between Kurt and FZ: Ben Twatson poo poos this. The dolt.

    Kurt is in Heaven now…….

  2. BillyDaMt says:

    and I wept
    when I read about this first thing this morning.
    So sad.

  3. Dr Sharleena says:

    Sad indeed. I’ve only read “The Sirens of Titan” which at the time blew my mind conveniently . Ever seen the movie “Contact”? I think the planet where Jodie Foster travels to is based on his depictions of Titan.
    However i’d gladly read any of his latest works, for instance A Man Without a Country…

  4. Xorg says:

    A writer of profound insight and great humour who did things his own way. An original.

  5. jim says:

    A great one leaves us – if you’re sad right now, just imagine how much sadder the world would be today if “friendly fire” had kept him from ever writing any of his amazing & hilarious novels, essays & plays.

    I think when such a person goes, the best way to honour them is to look lively & sharpen up, as it were. It may seem harsh to say it, but: that’s one less sharp mind & set of clear eyes watching our backs, folks.

  6. scott says:

    My cousin turned me onto Vonnegut when I was 13 (1972) and I DUG it! I need to re-read it.

  7. This bird has flown says:

    Free at last. Free at last. Good God Almight I be free at last. Visit his site you don’t believe me.

  8. urbangraffito says:

    Goodbye Kilgore Trout. Breakfast will never be the same for me again.

  9. jacquesbrel says:

    READ Slaughterhouse 5 (or get the film on dvd if you can’t read) – NOT a sci-fi story as such but an interweaving of war/POW recollections (the fire-bombing of Dresden) with time/space travel fantasy.
    So it goes.
    RIP KW

  10. urbangraffito says:

    To the unread and uninformed, the fire-bombing of Dresden was an Allied war crime witnessed by Kurt Vonnegut as a POW outside Dresden. There were no war factories located at Dresden. When the bombing began, the civilian population of the city took refuge in the city’s subway system and suffocated to death. KV and other POWs were enlisted to take out the bodies of the dead. It isn’t surprising that he suffered depression for the remainder of his life and had attempted suicide during his latter years.

  11. abe says:

    to qoute a tombstone in “slaughterhouse 5”


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