Ensemble Ambrosius Is Good

Ensemble Ambrosius gave a concert in Brugge Concertgebow, Belgium on the 25th of June 2004. Belgian Broadcasting Company recorded the concert and we have put here available some Zappa pieces for our Zappa-obsessed fans: Toads of The Short Forest/Dupreeā€™s Paradise/The Black Page/G-Spot Tornado.

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4 Responses to “Ensemble Ambrosius Is Good”

  1. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    I kept wondering where I was, that evening of the 25th June ’04. Then it all came back to me! :)

  2. Frank B. says:

    Sorry Folks, but five seconds tell me, its all wrong. The same as
    esemble modern. Wrong beats, wrong notes, there is no excuses.
    If Frank would be, this ensemble could be problably orgiastic.

  3. urbangraffito says:

    Frank B. – I really must disagree with you. Ensemble Ambrosius is yet another eclectic interpretation of Zappa’s music, just like Ensemble Moderne, or Nasal Retentive Orchestra, or even Frogg Cafe (there are too many others to go into here). Wasn’t it Frank’s wish that musicians play his music after his passing? IMO 5 seconds is not enough time to give anything a decent listen anyway.

  4. Frank B. says:

    urbangraffito – First sorry when i hurt your feelings. One thing is
    Frank stood for perfection. I agree with him. I for myself playing
    music now since 32 Years, and maybe that’s why i hear music in this way. If its played right, its okay.
    The other thing is, i’ve been to some coverbands in the last time and
    believe me, i w’ll not go there again. Boy, so many terrible mistakes,
    it was realy a hard time.
    If someone never had the chance to attend a live concert from Frank
    he said, it’s his fault. I never have readed some wish from Frank like
    “Oh yes, please play my music in your group when i’m gone”
    So maybe you can tell me, where does it say that?