3 thoughts on “The Mothers of Appropriation”

  1. Huh, & there i thunk it was that PMRC that were the Mothers of Approbriumation! YOW!

    Nadia rocks the Casbah – but be warned: there’s a video-link that includes MAJOR ex-lobster desecration … o my messy goodness!

  2. Why not, supposed it’s musically 100% ok? Let’s go back in time.

    Remember the great Gesualdo: March 8, 1560 – September 8, 1613,
    Prince of Venosa and Count of Conza.

    Internet :

    OK, +/- Like FZ : an Italian.

    Just listen to his 6th Book Of Madrigals ( = a cappella).

    I love to tell friends that G’s music is actually contemporary Finnish Music. ….
    They believe it.

    Great Gesualdo.

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