Detroit ’69

For reasons that shall remain unbeknownst to you dear reader, I shall be offline for most of next Friday. Hence this Praecox Friday Boot: Detroit Michigan, 17 May 1969. Oh, and Gilles wants me to tell you:

Attention, le son est rĂ©ellement mauvais…

2 Responses to “Detroit ’69”

  1. BillyDaMt says:

    I love the original MOI shows.
    One I did not have, so thank you very much.

  2. McWazoo says:

    Improvisations, Hungry Freaks Daddy, The String Quartet, King Kong, Octandres, The Jelly, Redneck Eats, Igor’s Boogie/Little Doo-wop, A Little Mozart, Valarie, Lonely Lonely Nights, Bacon Fat, Wipe Out, Bacon Fat, MOI Seven-In-One Special (7 songs at the same time, incl Louie Louie, Call Any Vegetable), Trouble Every Day, Cruising For Burgers
    This is the correct tracklist to my mind…