Kent Ohio ’73

Someone somewhere must have been extra nice to Barry this week; not only did I get bread with my gruel, but he also insisted that this week’s show should be May 1st 1973. And, as Barry always gets what he wants, May 1st it is.

Now, I don’t know many people who dislike the 1973 tour (actually, I don’t know anybody), and as this is one of the best shows from that year, it becomes essential listening in my book. This happens to be the final night of Kin Vassey’s short stint with the band. Interestingly, it’s also the one and only FZ show I know of that begins with the complete Yellow Snow Suite.

Highlights? Dupree’s Paradise, Big Swifty, and the Son of Mr Green Genes/King Kong/Chunga’s Revenge encore. Oh yes, and the rest of the show.

You’ll enjoy this one.

5 Responses to “Kent Ohio ’73”

  1. BillyDaMt says:

    Wow. I was hoping we were nice to Barry. I really wanted this show!
    Now I will have another one to listen to at work.

  2. mediocre says:

    Good stuff. I didn’t have it, so I’m going to listen to it now.
    Thanks KUR guys!

  3. Milhouse says:

    I acquired this show a couple of years ago, May 1 1973 was the day one of my best friends was born (in northeast Ohio, even). I don’t agree about it being that great of a show, though. Actually, I should clarify that the show might well have been great, but the sound quality (on the boomy and mushy side) has always made this show really, really hard for me to listen to.

  4. McWazoo says:

    Really hard for me to listen indeed,cause the sound quality is horrible.
    Not counting this fact I downloaded it naturally.It’s irreparable for a fan like me.Thanks guys!!!

  5. Paul Sempschi says:

    I’m absolutely in love with this arrangement of “Dog Meat”- I’ll never grow tired of it! Also glad to have a more audible “Yellow Snow” thanks Barry!!!