Men At Work: ’88 Rehearsals

Some more download. The exact date: 12.02.1988; the exact place: Philadelphia; the exact source:

6 Responses to “Men At Work: ’88 Rehearsals”

  1. Idon'tlikeZPZ says:

    Bob and Frank, Masters on duty,
    I like it.

  2. joe says:

    Whats that guitar sample he keeps soloing over? is that part of a larger arangment?

  3. Bob Again says:

    Why are you asking these silly questions? Aren’t you the vaultmeister? Or are you just using his name. (If so, look out! They have lawyers, you know!)

  4. Dr Sharleena says:

    No, no, no, the vaultmeister usurped several times his name, but this is the authentic “joe”. I can tell because I foresee that cows would use pants one day.
    Feel free to ask any questions joe! tell’em you have lawyers too!

  5. Bob Again says:

    Yes, even Bob Again gets usurped now and again…
    I’m gonna sue the usurper!
    …simplicity and peace to all

  6. Bengt Lindblad says:

    Minor nit picking. The exact place is actually Upper Darby as the Tower Theater is outside of the city limits, but for practical purposes it may as well be Philly these days. I saw that last show ever played on the 14th – remembr Brother A West. Had second row seats at the Spectrum for their return show which – sob – never happened…