The Case Of The Zombie Chickens

Oh what a world we live in:

When Jim Stauffer of Petaluma saw a chicken crawling out of a mound of compost like the living dead, he knew something had changed at the egg farm next door. “We called them zombie chickens,” Stauffer said. “Some of them crawled right up out of the ground. They’d get out and stagger around.”

4 Responses to “The Case Of The Zombie Chickens”

  1. scott says:

    I think all chickens should be killed.
    But, not only killed. They should be
    shackled in stress positions and
    subjected to sensory deprivation.
    Then we could cook them all and have an
    enormous food fight to celebrate their humiliating extinction.
    Let’s get on that!

  2. Doreen says:

    Join the Chicken’s Liberation Front!!
    This is the tragedy of Chicken’s Emancipation, we are victim’s of Morality…! Cluuuck
    Chicken is the nigger of the world
    Yes she is…think about it
    cluck-cluck cluck-cluck cluck CLUUUCK, cluck-cluck cluck-cluck cluck CLUUUCK

  3. ken duvall says:

    Always wondered about Petaluna…

  4. Lunchmeat says:

    “I’m using the chicken to measure it.”