Mama MOFO Update

In case you didn’t receive the email:

Our best information at this time is that MOFO Deluxe could ship as late as the week of FZ’s birthday. Sadly, unless you and Santa have a special relationship with FedEx, you might not get it by Christmas. But maybe you’re a Curmudgeon. Once the holiday joints and snouts is soon dispersed you can revel in the excellence that is the 4 Discs of the MOFO of your dreams.

4 Responses to “Mama MOFO Update”

  1. Rob says:

    Another delay? I’m shocked!!

  2. Aqualung says:

    We had to wait 7 years for “Trance Fusion”… what shall we do now for have this one in time?

  3. sterbus says:

    wait till the fire turns green.

  4. Weirdomusic says:

    Oh wel, at least “litlle MOFO” is out now!