7 thoughts on “Milano ’82”

  1. In the KUR giglist there two shows on July 7th at the same venue with exact similar playlists. On the 2-bootlegcd the date is 6th July. In some printed matter is claimed that FZ played 07.07.82 at Campo Del Luga, Stade Segrate, Milan, Italy. However most soureces claim the gig to be at Parco Redecesio on July 7th.
    This is the concert depicted on the Man from Utopia cover – with mosquitos everywhere and the crowd throwing syringes at the band.
    Therefor most sources mention this gig at “The Mosquitos and syringes” concert, as pictured on the MFU cover.

  2. Some weblink conceptual continuity: the keyboard player for italian rock band elio e le storie tese (they of the concerts and/or recordings with ike, vinnie and keneally but not chester) was also at that gig and posted about it on their blog. Check out the pretty pictures.

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