Cruisin’ For Friends

The Austrian Zappa Society ( has a bunch of downloads available consisting of one-off collaborations between FZ and the likes of Nicholas Slominsky Slonimski, Davey Moire, Artis The Spoonman, Tom Waits, and more — get it while it’s hot! (via balint!)

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  1. Duncan says:

    Re: Nicholas Slominsky

    Hear an interview with his daughter about the relationship with Zappa.

  2. Balint says:

    I was just listening to these tracks, and man, some of them are really great! Pound for a Brown: extra fast tempo (isn’t it the too-fast tempo of the tape?…), great tune, the band is tight. Real special moment with Slonimsky – should have been released!

    A real great surprise to me was Stairway To Heaven. Be it the favourite of Barry (the ’88 band), I myself have fav bands from other years. But while I’m writing it, I remember all the bootleg tapes I’ve heard, and – well, I might change my mind. But tThe released material (to me) is too sterile, the tracklists are not my favorite – and the main thing: I’ve had much better moments on unreleased tapes! More rap, more fun, more life in most of the recordings.

    Let’s take this Stairway to Heaven: the way it starts is is not as crazy as on The Best Band. The intro (is it played by Dweezil?…) is quite „normal”, and sounds great. As the song goes on, Dweezil adds a bit of solo-work to is, and he (with all his 18 years) does a great job. After the first part is over – hoopla! – not the horn section, but Dweezil is playing the solo. Close to Jimmy Page, but not exactly the same. Great solo, great band, great moments, with familiar parts, among with improvisation.

    Thus when the band joins in and repeats the solo theme again in full orchestration, it just blew my mind. Amazing, fantastic, just unbelieveable. A moment full of music, fun, joke and honour – and yes: it’s quite emotional, too.

    THIS should have been released I think (among others), and if that would be the case, I would join Barry to say: „Yes, this is the Best Band!” (and maybe even jump on top of some chairs here and there).

  3. urbangraffito says:

    Barry, you never cease to blow my mind with these excellent links!

  4. Paul Sempschi says:

    You know, this would make a better Corsage than anything offered… thanks for this special link! Each moment is so very important and special, there is no way to pick a favorite.

  5. Ryan Krantz says:

    The Tom Waits track alone is well worth the effort. Wow, that man, those men… “six inches of Snow in June”

  6. Aqualung says:

    Very interesting stuff, even if I can’t understand anything! ;)

  7. robie the robot says:

    by the way, it is spelt Nicolas Slonimsky (

  8. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says:

    As I’d heard many of these in their context form, I was most excited to see Ol’ ’55, which I hadn’t – only the jokes. Imagine the dismay when I heard the jokes again, even tho’ the band was laying down a great Ol’ ’55 backdrop. Did Tom actually ever SING Ol’ ’55 with the band; or is it only those same two jokes???

  9. robie the robot says:

    about FZ and Nicolas Slonimsky check out these pics:

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