Professor Flo

While we’re on the topic of Phlorescent Leeches: Mark Volman has recently launched a new website called Ask Professor Flo that is “proving to be a valuable tool for struggling and misguided musicians everywhere”.

“For every successful story, there are many more reflecting the outcomes of battered lives left to fade away in the wake of misguided musical choices and decisions… Many, I should say most artists, have no idea of a long-range plan for survival, and the idea of having a plan for a career is so far away from their reality that most will find themselves signing one bad deal after another…over and over again. It is my goal to teach musicians and entrepreneurs how not to be abused by the sharks in the industry,” says Volman.

One Response to “Professor Flo”

  1. Ohrrrrrrrr says:

    > how not to be abused by the sharks in the industry
    That’s where the “HAPPY TOGETHER”-thing comes in real handy …