Strange Units

Looking up “The Truman Show” on Wikipedia just now, I clicked through a couple of times and stumbled upon this list of strange units of measurement. The Mikrotuki! The MegaFonzie! The Warhol! And of course, The Belgium:

Conservationists discussing the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest often use Belgium as an approximate measure of how much forest is being lost annually. The area of the country of Belgium is 30,528 km².

One Response to “Strange Units”

  1. bernard says:

    Joke( … not really)

    As a Belgian I would truly appreciate this . The size of my beloved country as a measurement standard.

    Belgium , a great and truly innovative country, badly needs a genuine Napoleon.
    N. replaced all previous ( = medieval ) standards by objective standards, such as meters, km’s , kilos, etc.

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