Halloween Bound

Experts to unmask spooky goings-on:

ECCENTRIC rock legend Frank Zappa, zombies and the spookiest day of the year will be explored at an international conference. Among the topics to be discussed will be the Halloween Zappa concerts, which took place in New York in the 1970s and 1980s. They attained iconic status thanks to the costumes on and off stage.

3 Responses to “Halloween Bound”

  1. scott says:

    I will, for the first time, be seeing a Zappa show on Hallowe’en at the Madison Square Garden.

    I grew up in LA and saw some Zappa shows
    here and there (a few of them with the crappiest sound EVER), but I was always envious of the NY crowd and the Hallowe’en tradition.

    I’d be grateful if someone familiar with the venue could clue me in to the particulars.

  2. scott says:


  3. jim says:


    ” … the festival’s transformation from a pagan celebration to a family-friendly holiday.”

    ——– yuh-HUH, since we all know the hallowed All Saints’ Eve pagan tradition of Hunting, Killing & Eating Bloody Kids is frowned upon by our uptight hierarchical society – WTfuckingF?!?!

    Actually, it might just be the ONE pagan celebration (“family-friendly” as y’please, bud) that isn’t TOTALLY pimped-out, perverted & bastardized beyond recognition, unlike Easter, Xmas, New Year’s, ad nausaeum… Yup, them wacky Jeeznis-Jerks again!

    Poetic lisense good, journalistic lisence under review … (teeth-gnashing)

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