3 thoughts on “Halloween Bound”

  1. I will, for the first time, be seeing a Zappa show on Hallowe’en at the Madison Square Garden.

    I grew up in LA and saw some Zappa shows
    here and there (a few of them with the crappiest sound EVER), but I was always envious of the NY crowd and the Hallowe’en tradition.

    I’d be grateful if someone familiar with the venue could clue me in to the particulars.

  2. Glrglrglrrrmmmpff!!!

    ” … the festival’s transformation from a pagan celebration to a family-friendly holiday.”

    ——– yuh-HUH, since we all know the hallowed All Saints’ Eve pagan tradition of Hunting, Killing & Eating Bloody Kids is frowned upon by our uptight hierarchical society – WTfuckingF?!?!

    Actually, it might just be the ONE pagan celebration (“family-friendly” as y’please, bud) that isn’t TOTALLY pimped-out, perverted & bastardized beyond recognition, unlike Easter, Xmas, New Year’s, ad nausaeum… Yup, them wacky Jeeznis-Jerks again!

    Poetic lisense good, journalistic lisence under review … (teeth-gnashing)

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