The Making Of Freak Out!

Being the only one who mysteriously didn’t receive the Barfie’s email I am a bit late with this, but on to the news:

zappa MOFO

  • the release of MOFO’s limited edition (4 discs + 60 page booklet) has been postponed to “just in time for Halloween”
  • the “regular” MOFO release (2 discs + 30 page booklet) is planned for 11 November and will be available in stores
  • only Disc 1 of both releases are the same ( ! )
  • today should be streaming a few samples of the album. Update: yup, #77 and #78.

Oh, and tickets for all ZPZ December shows should be on sale as of 29/30 September. For details, keep an eye on the tourdates page which has yet to be updated. (Yes: I did get that email!)

18 Responses to “The Making Of Freak Out!”

  1. Sullivan says:

    The samples are up, right now as I type.

  2. abe says:

    its all fine and good. just another release to purchase, unfortunately i’ll have a double of disc 1 apparently. creamcheese sample is well… now apparently trance-fusion and this will be released in days of each other? coincidence? but, I HOPE ZPZ COMES L.A. BOUND FOR NEW YEARS!!!!

  3. xorg says:

    There is still a lack of detail from the ZFT about what each set comprises. Ho hum. Joe Travers, if you’re out there, please can you enlighten us?

  4. Ryan says:

    I’m more excited about the ZPZ tour coming to Georgia, myself.

  5. vince says:

    Maybe Joe can give a track list to all of us who bought in advance??????? Please?

  6. jim says:

    Hotcha! Jimbozo is squeezing his bright red scnozz & HONKY! Have just learned that ZPZ will be doing their thing in my neck of the woods – the Orpheum in Vancouver! Golly Mugwumps … will i have both the spondulix AND the jam 2 hurtle my antisocial self into the crazed throng?! The thing WOULD be on one of my days off, after all … sheeit!

    Dunno about this MOFO thing though. Why in hell don’t we have a Remaster-CD of Resolver&Brutality by now? Sounds like that sort of weirdness would be right up my alley … sigh.

    “Judgement” reserved until i grok their mysterious ZamplePhyles.

  7. jim says:

    OK, OK – that really actually DOES sound like it’s a damn good thing they’ve done over there in Zappaland … peace oot.

  8. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says:

    Funny the difference a couple of years make…
    Those that pre-ordered the OZ set were given a lot of shit when the release date was postponed – then postponed again; ridiculed for their faith, it seemed.
    Hope you have it soon Barry!
    I didn’t pre-order, I’m hoping for a pirated copy…
    The way I see it, Barry, the ZFT still owes me about 70 bucks in overdraft charges, and tracer charges, from my last order – when they ‘lost’ my check and cashed it 6 months later, without notifying me they’d ‘found’ it.
    I figure one more single disk release pirated, and we might be even – but I’ve never been very good at math.

  9. Bob Again says:

    “lot of shit”…

    …as I recall, it was earned – sorry it cost you all the extra cash, though. Flakes, indeed.

  10. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says:

    Actually BobAgain, the extra cash came about when I tried to use the “coupon” that came with the OZ order – that little morsel the ZFT tossed to the faithful that preordered OZ; the order was for two Joe’s, Halloween, and Quadio…
    And, as I recall, I did nothing to earn the “shit”, other than to try and defend the ZFT for their suspect business practices. I still don’t believe I earned the shit, but I damn sure learned a lesson: never again.
    Cottage (Cheeze) Industry indeed. They never be workin when they oughta should…
    California’s got the most of them.

  11. Frank B. says:

    So what do we expect? A lot of unfinished Songs,
    each one sounds never as good as the final release
    of our Mastermind Frank. Unfortunately they will
    release all the grappy demos. Save your money,
    don’t go to the show! What’s about a complete
    Concert from every year?? YCDTOSA Vol2 is the best example, the way it could be, do it!

  12. ZarFT says:

    OK, so we didn’t make the date we suggested (NO, we promised you asshole fans nothing, did we?)…

    …but you have to admit it really is a cute title.

    How’s ’bout another beer? Yes, please! Make mine MOFO!! That comes in your choice of handy 4 pack or 2. Oh Please, slip me the 4 pack! I just can’t get enough…

  13. Birdman! says:

    Why do you think there’s no track list? Discs 3 & 4 are probably half interviews (a full disc of interviews spread across two discs looks less egregious than a full disc of interviews) — it’s an unknowable unknown at this point, as Donald Rumsfeld might say.

    I understand the enthusiasm, but I just can’t see ordering without a tracklist. I just seems like common courtesy to provide one before asking people to spend their money. The absence of one is suspicious. Think of all the filler on the “Joe’s” releases, and very little music. I suspect either much filler, or the ZFT doesn’t know the playlist, as the product is not complete and will be delayed for a long time as a result. The former seems more likely. Is my pessimism off base?

  14. ZarFT says:

    pessimism? you ask…

    …we must say the only applicable _ism appears to be realism. Drink up suckers.

  15. jeroen says:

    What, exactly, does a setlist say? After all, we can come up with all kinds of cheesy new titles for starts and stops of already known tracks.

    It has happened before.

    It WILL happen again.

  16. Ryan says:

    But it can’t happen here.

  17. Paul Sempschi says:

    My guess would be that the reoccurring disc will have the music on it. Worst case scenario, audio-documentary (which was mentioned) for 3 discs or you can get the one disc with SOME audio documentary. Most likely seperate edits of the material, likely set up in a way that both releases have material the other doesnt. Which is what they’re implying (#77-#78 samples).
    That being said, it appears that the release has the demos that Tom Wilson was required to produce before they began recording. As well, various overdubs from completed tracks. The Hungry Freaks Daddy one sounded like the backing track sans vocal-which is not too bad, there is a bitchen guitar solo hidden in the master mix.
    The Creamcheese and Help I’m a Rock sample stuff supports this premise of isolated overdubs since you can hear this stuff in the album by squeezing your ears tightly. The isolated tracks themselves could prove very interesting as in the album in general, Frank’s blistering guitar is quite varied. Same as the orchestral sessions themselves would be interesting to hear-not for I’m Not Satisfied but for that piano flourish on It Cant Happen Hear, where would it go, what will it do? Assuming the ZF thinks that the result is worthwhile or interesting.
    Remember the samples, snippets of what is to impress us repeats Zylophone Zylophone Zylophone….
    A complete concert from this era would also be of great interest. Even a YCDTOSA of 65-66 stuff would be fascinating, assuming that there is only a single disc of studio stuff.
    That is assuming. It could easily be a disc of demos, __ discs of overdubs and alternate mixes and audio stuff. Perhaps giving the Monster Magnet night its own disc.
    I am skeptical about the amount of actual music, actual NEW music and the quality of it. Verses all that “fly on the wall crap” that GZ poopoed long ago that happens to find its way on subsequent release. If I had to wager a guess, one disc music, the rest a lot of talking, maybe some music. Either one disc of ‘flywall’ or three. Both edited, both containing NEW material (think Mystery Disc versus Ahead of their Time) complain about it, GZ will say that the 4disc was “for hardcore fans only” like the Joe’s series. We can only hope that she will fill up the discs rather than leaving 40 minutes empty, blank space ala Joe’s. If you’re going to use filler, fill the disc. There should be enough ‘dated’ flywall to do that.
    All in all, I am fascinated by the man’s work and a completionist. I will buy both versions (if they’re edited MD v. AOTT) because it will put the album in a new light and presumably help understand it better. How much do we REALLY know about “Freak Out!” ?
    When the album hits the public and they complain about discs upon discs of flywall, with only 30 minutes of material per, GZ will regard them as not being ‘hardcore’, disparage the whole scene and either cancel Absolutely Free or else the project will suffer. Which will be a shame, the outtakes and talking and mixes and alternate tracks would be more fascinating, considering the radical and violent edits. Plus the orchestration alone on THAT release, wow…

    You know what? Joe’s Corsage should have been saved and released with MoFo…. at least on the 2cd version….

  18. urbangraffito says:

    I think SOFA said it all – “suspect business practices,” “Cottage (Cheeze) Industry,” “never again.”

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