14 thoughts on “Trance-Fusion”

  1. Now this is definitely something I’ll be looking forward to picking up…as long as it comes out!

    I noticed my name was switched around (from Barry/NES to NES/Barry). I understand. I’ll keep it in mind to avoid confusion. =)

  2. Did I miss something?
    1:04 of the intro to Chunga’s is something to swoon over? I don’t get it…

  3. Okay, tried it a 2nd time and got 1:10 – about 3 notes into the solo…
    At this rate, the “release” will be available just about the time I get to hear the track in its entirety.

  4. It took two tries for me.

    Maybe thousands of smart people
    were listening at that same moment.
    That might slow things down a little.

    That’s great.

  5. LINK

    Here’s the version bootlegged from a promo cassette. Hardly CD quality, but a very good example what to expect.

  6. The first solo doesn’t sound like Frank at all – I would bet money it isn’t. The second solo (with the chorused guitar) is Frank.

  7. That solo alone makes the album worthy of buying. Incredible!!Those Zappas sure go together nicely.

  8. When I went to the London ZPZ I heard them giving Cungas Revenge a last minute run through while I was waiting in the bar. I remember think “woo, Dweezil sounds just like Frank”. I was shortly found out that it’s because I was listening to FZ not DZ.

    Worth listening to Sharleena from YCDTOSA 3 for more DZ with FZ. The guitars on said track slowly mesh into a great big ethereal yet powerful (brown) cloud. Great stuff.

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