The Pikasso

Top 20 strangest guitars. Here’s the “Pikasso”:

pikasso guitar

The guitar was built for Pat Metheny by luthier Linda Manzer in 1984 and it has 42 strings.

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  1. bernard says:

    Just going back to basics: have a look at the ( Japanese ) 3 metres long Koto, it’s :

    (By the way just tell me that I’m an old boring contributor. I’ll stop right away. Just do it, no problem to me.)

  2. bernard says:

    Just have a look here ( John Cage’s Silence, performed by FZ):

  3. bernard says:

    I apologize: here’s the truly boring one again.

    In July / August I’ve been travelling around in Northern Spain ( = between Finesterre/ Santiago De Compostella and San Sebastian ) for almost a month.

    I listened to RNE3 in the car. RNE3 broadcasted FZ for hours ( Lumpy Gravy period).

    About new approaches to their great flamenco tradition : Nothing.

    The question is:
    Is there really something comparable in Spain ( new music, deconstructing, innovative, etc. ) as there is in Czech / Slovak Republic to their czech / slovak instrument the violin, i e

    I confess : I didn’ t found any trace of it.


  4. Jim McKinley says:

    This is the guitar PM plays “Into The Dream” on. I guess its on some other stuff too according to his Wikipedia page. Not sure why this is filed under Silly/Pop Cult.

  5. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Jim: as unfamiliar as I am to the piece you mention, and with all due respect to Pat Metheny, you don’t think this could’ve been played on a regular guitar? This type of guitar design, for me at least, is an ego trip with 42 strings attached to it. Correct me if I’m wrong…

  6. Jim McKinley says:

    The studio recording of “Into The Dream” is on the “Imaginary Day” album and PM plays it live on “Trio – Live” and the “Speaking Of Now Live” PMG DVD and with Jim Hall on the PM/Jim Hall album, it’s pretty cool IMHO. No, there’s no way he could play it on a regular guitar since he’s strumming and finger picking the “harp strings” whilst playing the bass line on the “normal” guitar neck (baritone/bass strings/tuning I believe) by hammering with his left hand. I suppose he could have done something similar with multiple players, or maybe solo using multiple instruments, but he likely would still have had to have some of the instruments made to get the particular sound/tuning he uses on the “harp strings”. If you have access to iTunes you can check out 30 seconds of 3 different versions of it for free by searching for “Pat Metheny Into The Dream”, that should make it even more clear than my rambling.

  7. HairFarmer says:

    Here’s why the song can’t be played on a standard 6-string:

  8. Bob Again says:

    the beer made me do it!

  9. me says:

    the guitar design: great/the music: the usual PM boredom

  10. Jim McKinley says:

    Actually, “Into The Dream” is not on the “Speaking Of Now” DVD as I posted earlier, it’s on the “Imaginary Day – Live” DVD. That’s what I get for relying on the internet whilst at work. Oh well, the tracks are listed on the “Speaking Of Now” DVD, hopefully nobody read my post and bought it without looking at the track listing thinking it contained “Into The Dream”, if so, I’m forever sorry (if that’s why you bought the disc, but SON is a good concert as well IMHO). And for what it’s worth “me”, sorry PM bores you, you must have a high excitement threshold, good luck with that.

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