Zappa Galleries Revisited

As some of you old-timers may recall, there used to be a Frank Zappa image gallery around here back in the day (it was the year 2000, this site got about 10 visitors a day, and my ginger-tinted beard had yet to come to fruition). As time passed and the galleries became cumbersome to maintain, and since there was/is a plethora of Zappa pictures floating around the interwebs anyway, I decided to just lay that feature to rest.

Fast forward, enter Flickr.

zappa vorst, 82

Here’s two photo-sets that I deemed worthy to re-publish from Ye Olde Obsolete Zappa Gallery: Zappa live in Vorst Nationaal (Brussels ’82, ’84) and Zappa at the Yellow Shark press conference. Both photo-sets were kindly sent to me by (and are copyright) Dirk Laforce. Enjoy!

One Response to “Zappa Galleries Revisited”

  1. bernard says:

    Very, very good pictures from DL in Brussels.

    The Yellow Shark press conference pictures are an extension of ” If Youth knew, if Age could”.

    So this will most probably happen to be a brand new chammenge to the new , upcoming generations:

    Hw to combine both for the better.

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