We’re Back :)

It’s fun, you know, updating website software. I spent the entire afternoon upgrading the forums in order to prevent mass sign-ups from (mostly) moronic Russians trying to make a buck ruble by mass-posting links to pictures of Asian men with huge penises photoshopped male genitals. Head on over to the upgraded forums if you please, and let me know if anything looks/acts weird…

8 thoughts on “We’re Back :)”

  1. D’oh!
    At least I can be proud with russian morons’ unique photoshopping skills.
    Don’t you be terrified
    It’s just a token of OUR russian extreme…

  2. SOFA: Eh? You mean the look of the forum? You can switch it back to the way it was (the blue scheme) from your profile page, but I think many members haven’t realized that yet. So I went ahead and switched the forum’s look back to the old YaBBse layout — for all users (though they can still switch back to SMF’s default). Hope it’s a bit less “sterile” to your taste now!

  3. Yes it is; thanks Bro!
    Not that I wouldn’t have gotten used to the other look… To me, it was like the difference between a friendly, neighborhood Dr’s office vs. a major metropolitan hospital. Both are clean and sterile, but the major one lacks all personality, while the other at least has a couple of meager house plants around to personalize things.
    And better magazines…

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