Forums Back(ed) Up!

Phew. I managed to restore the forum to a back-up from May 19 (CET). At first glance, all previously deleted threads are back. Depending on the exact time at which the actual back-up took place, any posts made after it (perhaps 1 or 2), will have gone AWOL — but that’s peanuts compared to the amount of threads that had gone lost. So forum-dwellers: have a look at the boards and if any of the posts you made on May 19 are gone (most probably they’re not), well, you’ll have to post them again.

4 thoughts on “Forums Back(ed) Up!”

  1. ‘Online Casino’ has been messing about in the album reviews – see Just Another Band from LA

  2. In my little experience with this sort of thing I found the best defense was to limit the amount of posts within a certain amount of time. For instance a member is only allowed to post once every 30 seconds. Also it is a good idea to get some trusted, well meaning moderators. If you have enough of a fanbase they’ll usually do it for free (Or maybe some boots?). Well I don’t like to pretend I’m an expert, just my 2 cents.

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