Toronto ’69

This week’s boot: Rockpile, Toronto Canada, May ’69. For you nitpickers out there (you know who you are) it may also have been the 5/19/69 Massey Hall gig, although the gig list seems to suggest otherwise.

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  1. Taz says:

    Very nice. I like the zappa boots from the early times…

    Guys, i need a date confirmation. Yesterday i got a boot dated 1973, probably May, but i was checking some gig lists out, including this one, but i could not confirm what is the date of the bootleg. The bootleg is named as The Mistery Concert 1973,,,The set list is:

    01 – Sound check
    02 – Exercise 4
    03 – dog meat
    04 – fifty-fifty
    05 – cosmik debris
    06 – Zomby woof
    07 – montana
    08 – duprees paradise
    09 – Farther Oblivion

    Can anyone tell me what is the date if you have this botleg???

  2. Birdman! says:

    Thanks a lot. This is great. I looked at the set list for the late show and saw “The Eye of Agamotto”, Which I’ve only heard from the Appleton show> Anybody know why this was never on a album? …Think the name comes from the amulet worn by comic character Doctor Strange, and vaguely recall that the song was written by Don Preston. Judging from Appleton, it’s a fully realized and very cool piece of music.

  3. Bert says:

    According to different sources The MOI played in 1969 four concerts at Rockpile . On one can read that MOI played three shows on 22 (1 show) and 23rd Feb 1969 (two shows), bootlegged in Japan as “Pachuco Hop” in 1990 and one show on 24 May 1969.
    But according to Frank Zappa Gig List (Interpreted by Kevin Boynton & Mick Peterson) the 22 Feb gigs were at The Fillmore East (two shows). The latter confirmed by Greg Russo in Cosmik Debris.
    Bruce Bennett wrote to the 22 Feb on db.etree: Early Show – an almost all instrumental show. Begins w/ Frank saying “Go ahead and open the curtain”. Late Show – an almost all instrumental show. Begins w/ My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama (instrumental) > and then they jam from tune to tune.
    One of the best M.O.I. performances I have ever heard! This is NOT the 2/23/1969 show.

    From the setlist on 23 Feb is: Interlude, Boogie In G, My Music (including Chucha), Uncle Meat, drum duet, Run Home Slow, Gas Mask, Little March, Sqweezit, Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Lohengrin, Begin The Beguine, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, Charles Ives, jam, Some Ballet Music, Uncle Meat, drum duet, Eye Of Agamotto, jam, Lonely Lonely Nights

    There are at least 2 pics form these concerts, but I haven’t located them yet.
    Look at for details on Pachuco Hop.

  4. Bert says:

    For Taz.
    The date is for sure 04.05.73, the location is either Massey Hall or Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
    To investigate furhter, check:
    Hope you succeed.

  5. Taz says:

    -> Link to

    this is the date ..maybe May 20 th 1973, according to the set list…It´s the same. None specific location is indicated

  6. Bert says:

    For Taz,
    If you’re that sure about the date (20/05/1973) than it was Providence, Richmond. Two sources confirm that: the giglist on Kill Ugly Radio and Greg Russo in his book Cosmik Debris. But there is no setlist known.

  7. Taz says:

    For Bert,

    ok but i am totally confused rigth now, accordind to db.etree.or…, May 20 does not exist like a real date, but is located after Annapolis (Mcgonials Seaside Park) May 19th…So i must believe that Povidence is May 20th, even when the location is not mencionated

  8. Birdman! says:

    Anyone know who’s doing the vocal on “My Music” from this Toronto show? Pretty damn awful, but strangely compelling in a “Smell this sour milk!” kind of way.

  9. Bert says:

    For Taz,
    I’m out of resources. But what I do know is, that
    Dog Meat = Exercise #4, Dog Breath, Uncle Meat and the soundcheck probably is RDNZL.
    But the date…..that still keeps a mystery. In some lists the venue is stated as ??? May 1973 with the same tracklist you mentioned. But as you well know MOI played more songs than that came on a bootleg. If you check the songorder you might gues on May 4.
    Besides dbetree you can check one of the sites I mentioned.
    I have no further suggestions.
    That’s all.

  10. mcnastie says:

    great show! i’m looking forward to the late set. as for ‘my music’, birdman, it seems like it’s a partially stoned lowell george deliberately trying to sound bad. or maybe it’s motorhead, just sounding like motorhead. it definitely lacks the peculiar grace and panache of a roy estrada freakout…that’s my 2 bits.

  11. Gilles says:

    A part of My Music is in french, maybe the singer is a french canadian in guest.

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