This Note’s For You

Neil Young is set to release a new album called Living With War. The songs are — surprise! — anti-Bush / anti-war, and will be available as streaming audio on his site next Friday. There’s even a weblog:

This is about exchanging ideas… it’s about getting a message out. It’s about empowering people by giving them a voice. I know not everyone believes what I say is what they think. But like I said before.. ya know.. red and blue is not black and white.

Go Neil! But did you really need to get a myspace page?

6 Responses to “This Note’s For You”

  1. stu says:

    You really can’t deny the marketing potential of myspace. For example, I would never have heard (let alone heard *of*) Neil Diamond’s new album if it weren’t for myspace. I haven’t bought it, but that’s another matter.

    I can understand your anti-myspace feelings, I have a love/hate relationship with it being a recovered myspace addict (since october ’03!). But once you get past the bullshit, and ignore the narcissists, it’s not a bad place.

    Now, when myspace actually decides to work, I’ll give his album a listen…

  2. Bob Again says:

    rust never sleeps…except, of course, if it lies in a vault.

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    stu: recovered myspace addict? Say it ain’t so! My gripe with myspace lies in the fact that it looks to me like some horrendous online highschool playground where popularity is key, and everything else has to make way in order to obtain it. Been there, never done that, won’t ever do it either. Then there’s the fact that it just looks plain UGLY, despite graceful efforts such as this one. But hey: nothing personal!…

    Bob: is there an RSS feed I can subscribe to which features a daily Bob Again Quote? Would be wonderful!

  4. Bob Again says:

    RSS feed? That’s way beyond me…that’s why I’m here. (Not that it makes a heckuva lotta difference to ya.)

  5. bernard says:

    Conclusion : Barry is truly growing old.

  6. bernard says:

    Ok let’s be polite: Barry has gone mature, acknowledging the difference between good and bad music.


    I keep repeating that an awful lot of good music can be found on recent CD or downloads.

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