I’ll See Your * And Raise You A *

As you probablee know English isn’t my mother tongue, so when writing up a comment here, I did the following search on Google to verify the accuracy of the term I was about to use:
search?q=”i’ll see your” “and raise you a”
A random pick of what people “see” and “raise you”:

  • dead pigeon/piece of yarn
  • waitress/pair of comfortable shoes
  • Gender Essentialism/Social Construction
  • Values/Girl Scout Cookie
  • namedropping/hairstylist
  • Karl Rove/Dick Durbin
  • Mary Tyler Moore/Sophia Loren

Right. That’s enough coffee for you Barry.

4 Responses to “I’ll See Your * And Raise You A *”

  1. Duncan says:

    I’ll see your Frank Zappa and raise you a Johnny Cash.

  2. Balint says:

    Since English isn’t my mother tongue, I hardly even know what this all means… :-)

  3. Dr Sharleena says:

    Balint, from one non English mother tongued kind of a person to another: it’s like when you are playing poker, and somebody makes a stake, and you “see” what he has put, because you think you have good cards, and you “raise” the stakes. “I’ll see your *** and Raise you a xxx”.
    I think. Sorta. Kinda. Bueller?

  4. Balint says:

    Ah so! Thönk yoü! :-)