Sterbus Whips It Out

Sterbus — KUR forum member, Hot Poop commentator and Certified Italian, enquires:

Hi bARRY, sorry if I’m disturbing you… but I would like to have zappa fans listen and give a free opinion on my music!

Well hey… take it away, you wacky Lazio Roman you!

3 Responses to “Sterbus Whips It Out”

  1. Sterbus says:

    Oh… thank you, you’re really too kind!
    (said in a very close “ed mann” style…)

  2. Sterbus says:

    (one beautiful thing is that we are going to play in Brasilia with the band, but , shhh…)

  3. jim says:

    Mnnmm, my tympanis be much liking of de metallic thumpy bits – “prog a porter” – as well as de oddbawl sir-real bits – “rock ‘n door” … thank yez 4 sharing … music is the bomb …
    jd MMVI