Würzburg ’82 (1)

Gilles thought we’d stay in Würzburg a couple weeks more by offering the 13/06/82 show — enjoy!

Oh, and Imaginary Diseases finally made it to Barry Towers! Will be listening in a minute…

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  1. moses says:

    thanks for this concert 82 in wurzburg – my birthday and yes i was there to see him and made some pix too. sent 2 pix to mr. tunes after zappanale 13 (played bass at this event) and asked him about the cameraman on one photo who made a movie there (in wuerzburg). he told me that it was a swedish guy and only gail knows where all the movies are, made at the gigs. the bootleg is not bad – well it sound fine. if you want visit my zappanale fan homepage. greetings from bavaria and see you at zappanale 2006 …:-) and thanks to your wonderful page. i love it…

  2. Bert says:

    Ticket on fredunzel.com.
    Too bad there are no pics from this show. Quality is fine, at least better than my tape.

  3. mediocre says:

    I only now had a chance to listen to it. I really enjoyed this one. Didn’t have too many material from that year anyway.

    Am I right in believing that Frank never toured in ’83, or have I just missed the boots from that year?

  4. Taz says:

    Nice part 1 Sound Quality not bad, the best untill now has been Los angeles Palace Theater 1984 (July 22th)…thank for this uploading every friday…

    according to my notes , FZ didnt make tour in 1983. At least, i dont have any bootleg from that year

  5. Balint says:

    No, he did not make. FZ finished touring in june, later he was in studio (Dub Doom, Man From Utopia), and in ’83 he made some classical recording with the LSO, and started Thingfish and so on. See this chronology.

  6. mediocre says:

    @Balint: thanks!

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