The Idea Of The North

Reading some writings of Glenn Gould, I realised that he did not only made musical recordings, but some documentaries, too. Now finally I’ve found some: The Idea of North (1967) The Latecomers (1969) The Quiet In The Land – that can be listened here, in RealAudio. All composed like a musical piece – just listen to the editing technique, the structure, etc.
I wish I could download those somehow…

(Interesting: “Did Glenn Gould have a form of autism?” )

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  1. Duncan says:

    Grabbed the first hour at…
    but it is nearly 34 MB.
    Will get the rest tomorrow.

  2. Duncan says:

    You will probably want to delete one of those dots (either one will do) between the w and the d to get the link to work.
    Ed: done.

  3. jonnybutter says:

    Fascinating stuff about Gould – one of the other big geniuses of the second half of the 20th century, IMO. I always assumed he had Asperger’s, but maybe not, eh?
    Thanks for the link to the doc.

  4. Balint says:

    Thank you, Duncan!!

  5. bgv says:

    Try recording the audio file with Audio Hijack. It’s a software that allows you to record streaming audiofiles. I use it on my Mac, but I guess there must be a version for Windows too.
    “Arf, she said”

  6. Ohrrr says:

    yes you can record streaming audio on the PC the software is called Net Transport and it’s free. (Google it)

  7. Ohrrr says:

    Here are some additional Glenn Gould radio broadcasts with download links
    Glenn Gould: Radio Broadcasts
    1. The Search for Pet Clark
    Type: Radio Broadcast
    Broadcast: CBC, Ideas (30 minutes)
    Notes: radio adaptation of article, which meticulously dissects the music and image of Petula Clark
    Date: 1967 Dec 11
    2. The Scene
    Type: Radio broadcast
    Broadcast: CBC, The Scene
    Notes: mock sports report: Glenn Gould and Harry Brown debate on the value of competitive sport, games, and the effect of technology on art
    Date: 1972 Oct 7 (Saturday)
    3. The Three-Cornered World
    Type: Radio broadcast
    Broadcast: CBC, Booktime
    Date: December 1981

  8. Balint says:

    Thanks for these links!!!